Industry news

  • Fertilizer Market Condition in China

    Urea: In the short-term, mainstream company cargo supply is still tight , some company’s quotation still continue increasing. The market is cooling down day by day, with the increase in the arrival of goods and the temporary weakening of agricultural demand expectations, the market price is likel...
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  • Market Intelligence of Ammonium Sulphate

    This week, the international ammonium sulfate market is heating up with price increase. At present, ammonium sulphate compacted granular and large crystal granular bulk offer reference FOB 125-140 USD/MT, new orders to follow up the increment, most enterprises to enhance the enthusiasm of stockpi...
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  • China Fertilizer Market Trend

    Urea: A weekend has passed, and the low end price level of urea in mainstream regions has dropped to near the previous round of low points. However, there is no effective positive support in the short-term market, and there is also the impact of news from the printing label. Therefore, the price ...
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