Market Intelligence of Ammonium Sulphate

This week, the international ammonium sulfate market is heating up with price increase. At present, ammonium sulphate compacted granular and large crystal granular bulk offer reference FOB 125-140 USD/MT, new orders to follow up the increment, most enterprises to enhance the enthusiasm of stockpiling; China’s capro grade ammonium sulphate bulk part for domestic trade, export balance reduction, transaction prices rose to FOB 105-110 USD/MT, market inquiries increased. The reference price is at FOB 85-90 USD/MT.

According to information, Southeast Asia recently just purchase rigid demand mainly, more inquiries, the current price of Southeast Asia reference CFR 120-125 USD/MT. Atlas Philippines tendered 8 thousand tons of orders for shipment on July 20, and the acceptance price is low at CFR 114 USD/MT. Vietnam a single MMA grade ammonium sulfate transaction price reference CFR 110 USD/MT near, equivalent to China shipping price about FOB 90 USD/MT.

Brazil market new orders to follow up a little up, urea prices rose favorable effect appeared, ammonium sulfate inquiries as well as the receipt of orders to increase, transaction prices rose slightly. At present, the compacted granules offer slightly up, with reference to CFR 145-160 USD/MT. A single order of 8-10 thousand tons of compacted granular in the market is priced at CFR 145-150 USD/MT, and another single order is priced at a high CFR 155-160 USD/MT. Capro offers refer to CFR 125-135 USD/mt. At present, freight prices in Latin America market remain low, with freight rates for large vessels of 60-70 thousands tons from China to Brazil at about 30-35 USD/MT.

Post time: Jun-30-2023