China Fertilizer Market Trend

Urea: A weekend has passed, and the low end price level of urea in mainstream regions has dropped to near the previous round of low points. However, there is no effective positive support in the short-term market, and there is also the impact of news from the printing label. Therefore, the price will continue to decline for a short time, hitting the previous round of low points first. Synthetic ammonia: Yesterday, the synthetic ammonia market stabilized and declined. With the recovery of domestic ammonia maintenance equipment and the supplementation of imported goods, the market supply continues to increase, but downstream demand follow-up is limited, highlighting the weak relationship between supply and demand in the market. It is reported that the manufacturer may adjust the price based on the shipment situation, and there may be room for negotiation if the quantity is large. It is expected that the synthetic ammonia market will experience a downward trend in the short term.

Ammonium chloride: The operating rate of domestic caustic soda enterprises remains relatively high, and the supply is still acceptable. The manufacturers have basically continued the previous prices, and the actual transactions are mainly based on the order quantity.

Ammonium sulfate: Yesterday, discussions in the domestic ammonium sulfate market were light at the beginning of the week, with mainly wait-and-see discussions. Urea has recently declined, continuing to be bearish for ammonium sulfate manufacturers. In addition, exports have not shown signs of improvement, and agricultural demand continues to be sluggish. Therefore, it is expected that the ammonium sulfate market will continue to remain low and narrow this week. Supported by the rare earth market, some ammonium sulfate prices may remain firm.

Melamine: The atmosphere of the domestic melamine market is flat, the price of raw material urea has declined, and the mentality of the industry is not good. Although manufacturers have pre received orders to support, demand is weak, and the market is still weak.Potash fertilizer: Yesterday, the overall trend of the domestic potash fertilizer market was still weak, and the price of Potassium chloride market was slightly chaotic. The actual transaction was mainly based on the order sheet. New sources of goods for border trade have arrived in succession, and the supply is sufficient. The Potassium sulfate market is temporarily stable, and Mannheim’s 52% powder factory is more than 3000-3300 yuan/ton.

Phosphate fertilizer: The domestic market for monoammonium phosphate is operating weakly and steadily. Due to low demand and prices, the operating load of factory equipment is relatively low. Recently, there has been a small amount of downstream procurement, and some small and medium-sized enterprises have seen a decrease in inventory. The price is temporarily stable, but the price of goods in Southwest China is relatively low, making it difficult to make significant changes overall. The domestic diammonium phosphate market has temporarily stabilized and operated, and businesses still have a bearish attitude towards the future market. The demand for small batch replenishment is mainly in demand, and the demand for corn fertilizer is approaching its end. In some regions, 57% of diammonium phosphate supply is tight, and the trading atmosphere is stable. It is expected that the trend of diammonium phosphate in the corn fertilizer market will be mostly stable.

Post time: Jun-25-2023