The end of the autumn, DAP industry start decline

After the double festival, the autumn DAP market continues to be weak, the National Day during the corn harvest, corn harvest after the festival more than half of the amount of end-users to buy a small amount of fertilizer to follow up one after another, to October 10, planting large household demand release, purchasing atmosphere improved, the factory autumn orders shipping basic end, the main shipping export-oriented, part of the enterprise device production or load decline, industry capacity utilization rate slumped.
  DAP autumn market trading atmosphere is general, because the autumn market has entered the stage of sweeping, grassroots traders prepare fertilizer has been in about 9%, followed by only a small number of sporadic replenishment of the order is mainly, the price is high, traders cautious mentality, shipping positive, North China 64% diammonium mainstream transaction price to CNY3800-3900/ ton, 57% mainstream transaction price to CNY3200-3250/ ton or so, the actual deal negotiation! Mainly because of the weak atmosphere at the end of the autumn market, the winter storage market is stable and wait-and-see, and enterprises are still part of the exports to be sent, most of the exports can be shipped to the second half of October near. Winter storage prices have not been introduced, new orders to follow up the basic stagnation.
Near the end of the autumn, DAP enterprise orders shipping basic end, winter storage orders are not price collection, industry capacity utilization rate downward adjustment, a comprehensive view, this week, DAP capacity utilization rate of 53.86%, a decline of 5.01 percentage points compared with last week, an increase of 8.86 percentage points; DAP capacity utilization rate decline region mainly for Hubei and Guizhou region, Hubei region, part of the enterprise after the national day holiday After the National Day device load decline, individual devices to production of compound fertilizer products, Hubei region capacity utilization rate fell to 56.03% near, down 8.15%; Guizhou enterprises in the autumn order shipments basically over, the main export orders shipped, the region capacity utilization rate fell to 35.29%, down 5.80%; Yunnan region capacity utilization rate remained stable, where the capacity utilization rate of 73.53% The capacity utilization rate in Yunnan region remained stable, with the capacity utilization rate there at 73.53%.
  Next week DAP capacity utilization rate is expected to continue to decline, because most of the pre-export orders focused on shipping time to October 20 near, some enterprise device plans to October 20 or so parking or production cuts, so late October DAP industry capacity utilization rate is expected to continue to decline.
  Market, because phosphate rock prices firm, the cost is still high, enterprises continue to ship a small number of domestic autumn fill orders and export orders, no domestic bid collection plan, is expected next week, the DAP market trading is still flat, market sentiment is stable and wait-and-see mainly.

Post time: Oct-17-2023