Compound Fertilizer demand is increasing due to many good factors

Compound fertilizer winter storage market is about to start in full swing. Autumn market after the end of the market, compound fertilizer market did not cool down due to reduced demand, but rather in the off-season phase of the compound fertilizer prices have risen, especially in recent days after the raw material market has become firm collectively, compound fertilizer enterprises ex-factory offer generally tends to rise, but as of now only a few companies tentative price increases, the rest of the plan Phosphate Compound Fertilizer Conference depending on the raw materials, supply and demand, etc., introduced the winter storage formal Offer.Compound fertilizer winter storage price “difficult to produce”, so far only local compound fertilizer enterprises clear advance price, to 45% sulfur-based compound fertilizer (such as 12-18-15/14-16-15), for example, the Northeast local compound fertilizer factory ex-factory offer more than 3,000 yuan / ton, the Central Plains market, the new price is basically the same as, but wheat Fertilizer and high-nitrogen corn fertilizer prices are not clear. Compound fertilizer winter storage prices unexpectedly bullish, making the upper and lower reaches of both sides of the operation are more cautious, winter storage of the new price is slow to surface.First of all, raw material prices are too high abnormal. For a long time, the domestic urea prices have always been in the high ups and downs, due to its price beyond the psychological expectations of the downstream, leading to the downstream purchasing mood is relatively hesitant, coupled with recent news rumors are more complicated, the long-term trend of the urea market can not be easily judged; ammonium quotes are also particularly hot, factories to be issued more orders to support the price continued to rise; potassium chloride prices are slightly more far-fetched, the market rumor again! Impact on traders’ operating sentiment, therefore, the abnormal rise in raw material prices makes the winter storage of compound fertilizer market some “caught off guard”.Secondly, downstream winter storage willingness to successive setbacks. Review of the autumn compound fertilizer market, in advance of the payment of stocking dealers, but failed to get all the benefits, mainly due to the second half of the fall raw material prices are too high, compound fertilizer enterprise cost pressure is too large, the previous low-priced orders is difficult to fully realize, therefore, relative to the longer time span of the winter storage, downstream dealers have to become cautious; In addition, compound fertilizer winter storage of the new price is about to surface, or more than the winter storage of the initial price of the obvious! Up, for the dealers who have already got low-priced supplies, continue to high prices to fill the position of the willingness is very limited, even if the price rises, the actual transaction situation may not be ideal.Finally, the factory winter storage operation dilemma. Into November, the winter storage production is about to start in full swing, but for two consecutive weeks to compound fertilizer plant overall operating rate only slightly improved. Raw material prices are too expensive, and part of the fertilizer supplies and even relatively tense, compound fertilizer plant dare not easily carry out procurement, if the cost of raw materials according to the current market, then the compound fertilizer winter storage price will be significantly higher than the initial level, even if the price, the downstream will not necessarily be immediately accepted; in addition, but also to take into account the subsequent trend of the market, after all, the raw material prices are at a relatively high level, so the compound fertilizer plant is in a slightly embarrassing situation.To sum up, compound fertilizer price increases are difficult, only the raw material market can maintain firm, compound fertilizer prices can really land.   

Post time: Nov-13-2023