On February 19, 2024, domestic urea prices rose, and mainstream regional factories almost raised 20-80 yuan/ton , and urea prices rose nearly 100 yuan in two days.


Due to the backlog of orders to be issued by the compound fertilizer factory before the Spring Festival, the current logistics has not fully recovered, resulting in a general shortage of spot shipments in the factory (there is no delivery), coupled with the release of demand after the festival, Shandong, Henan, Hebei and other major wheat producing areas to open a centralized stock mode to prepare for wheat greening, the market inquiries have increased significantly, and enterprises have a strong price mentality.


At the same time, the spring temperature is higher than in previous years, the spring fertilizer season or will be ahead of schedule, agricultural urea demand is expected to continue to warm, the urea market is expected to run well, urea prices in the domestic supply and demand leading industry price background or will continue to rise.


In fact, in the global nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer three major fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer (urea) supply is relatively excess, after the Spring Festival prices rose so rapidly, indicating that the demand is strong, then for the potash fertilizer itself has monopoly properties and there is a gap between supply and demand in recent years, the price rise after the festival can be expected, or will welcome the “opening”.


Post time: Mar-01-2024