On November 1,2023,urea martket price news in China

On November 1, the urea market price was mainly stable, and downstream procurement began to be cautious due to the rapid price rise. On the supply side, the upstream factory still has to be supported, the quotation is mainly stable, some enterprises continue to slightly increase the factory quotation, Shandong and Henan factories factory quotation of small and medium-sized particle urea 2480-2500 yuan/ton, due to the higher price the actual transaction is slightly poor. Nissan is still at historically high levels, but the latest corporate inventory data shows that factories are not running out of stock. On the demand side, affected by the fear of high sentiment, downstream receiving goods is slightly cautious, and traders are mostly wait-and-see. The operating rate of compound fertilizer enterprises is still at a low level, the enthusiasm for stocking is not high, and agricultural demand is still in the off-season. Hebei plywood enterprises affected by environmental protection slightly reduced the start of production, other plywood and other industrial customers started basically normal, raw materials to adopt more with the strategy. Prices are expected to remain stable in the near term

Post time: Nov-03-2023