Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate White Flake

Short Description:

  • Classification: CHLORIDE
  • Name: Magnesium Chloride
  • CAS No.: 7786-30-3
  • Other Name: Cloruro de magnesio
  • MF: MgCl2.6H2O
  • EINECS No.: 232-094-6
  • Place of Origin: Tianjin, China
  • State: flake, crystal powder, granular
  • Brand Name: Solinc
  • Application: adhersive,snow melting, cement, textile, sea food
  • Product Detail

    Detail Specification




    Magnesium Chloride



    Ca 2+









    Water insoluble matter






    Magnesium Chloride Application

    Magnesium chloride has many uses, the following are a few of the main ones:
    1.Snow melting agent: Magnesium chloride is widely used as road snow melting agent in winter. It can lower the melting point of ice and snow, quickly melt ice and snow and reduce the risk of road icing, improving road traffic safety. 2. Food additive: As a food additive, magnesium chloride is used in various food processing. It can be used to increase the freshness, stability and taste of food. For example, in the tofu making process, magnesium chloride is used to coagulate the protein in soy milk, creating firm and springy tofu.
    2.Pharmaceutical industry: Magnesium chloride can be used to prepare medicines and medical supplies. It is used in the manufacture of some magnesium salt medicines, such as magnesium pills and supplements. Magnesium plays an important role in human health and participates in various physiological processes, such as nerve conduction, muscle contraction and energy metabolism.
    3.Industrial application: Magnesium chloride is used in many industrial fields. It can be used as a metal surface treatment agent to reduce the corrosion of metal and prolong its service life. In addition, magnesium chloride is also used in the preparation of industrial catalysts, fireproof materials and preservatives.
    4.Water treatment agent: Magnesium chloride can be used as a water treatment agent for purification and treatment of water quality. It can remove impurities, sediment suspensions and bacteria in water to improve water quality and safety.

    NOTE: It should be noted that the use of magnesium chloride should be in accordance with reasonable dosage and method, and comply with relevant safety operating procedures.

    Supply Ability

    10000 Metric Ton per Month

    Third party inspection report

    Third party inspection report Magnesium Oxide China producer

    Factory & Warehouse

    Factory&Warehouse   calcium nitrate tetrahydrate solinc fertilizer

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    Company Certification  Calcium Nitrate Solinc fertilizer

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    Q1. What we can do ?
    1. Customer-oriented sourcing and supply service.
    2. Pre-shipment sample test and third-party inspection to assure product quality.
    3. Customized label and packing, reinforced palletizing method to keep cargo in good condition.
    4. Professtional service on mixed container load with 20+ different products in one consignment.
    5. Fast speed of delivery under multiple modes of trasportation including sea, railway, air, courier.

    Q2. Which documents can you supply ?
    A: We usually provide our customers with Commercial Invoice, Price List, Packing List, COA, Origin Certificate, Quality/Quantity Certificate, MSDS, B/L and others as your request.

     Q3. Can you supply sample ?
    Less than 500g sample can be supplied, sample is free.

     Q4. What is the lead-time ?
    Within 20 days after receiving payment.

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