Chelated EDTA MnNa2

Short Description:

  • Classification: Chelated Salt
  • Name: EDTA Mn
  • State: Powder
  • Other Name: EDTA MnNa
  • Place of Origin: Tianjin, China
  • Brand Name: Solinc
  • Purity: 12.5%-13.5%
  • Application: Food, industrial, cosmetics, Fertilizer
  • Product Detail

    Detail Specification

    product name EDTA-MN
    chemical Name Manganese disodium EDTA
    Molecular Fomula C10H12N2O8MnNa2
    Molecular weight M=389.1
    CAS No.: 15375-84-5
    Property Pure Light Pink Powder
    Manganese content 13%±0.5%
    Solubility in water completely soluble
    PH(1 %sol.) 5.5-7.5
    Density 0.70±0.5g/cm3
    Water Insoluble No more than 0.1%
    scope of application As a trace element in agriculture
    CHLORIDES(CI) & SULPHATE(SO4)% No more than 0.05%
    storage Store in a cool, dry place and must be re-tightened after opening.
    Package Packed in complex bag or kraft bag with plastic inner, 25 KG per bag.Available in packages of 1,000 kg, 25 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg and 1 kg.


    Manganese EDTA is often used as a trace element fertilizer in agriculture. The following are the main uses of manganese EDTA in agriculture:
    1.Foliar spraying: EDTA manganese can supply manganese needed by crops through foliar spraying. In the process of crop growth, manganese is an important trace element, which participates in physiological processes such as photosynthesis, antioxidant and enzyme activity, and plays a key role in the growth and yield of crops. Foliar spraying of EDTA manganese can quickly and effectively supplement the manganese demand of crops and improve the health and yield of crops.
    2.Root application: EDTA manganese can also supply the manganese needed by crops through root application. In soil, the solubility of manganese is poor, especially in alkaline soil, which will cause difficulties in the absorption of manganese by crops. Applying EDTA manganese through the root can provide soluble manganese element and increase the absorption and utilization efficiency of manganese by crops.
    3.Prevention and treatment of manganese deficiency: When manganese deficiency symptoms appear in crop leaves, manganese deficiency can be prevented by applying EDTA manganese. Manganese deficiency can cause symptoms such as yellowing, redness, and spotting of crop leaves, which can negatively affect crop growth and yield. Timely supplementation of manganese can effectively improve the growth of crops, prevent and treat manganese deficiency.

    NOTE: It should be noted that when using EDTA manganese fertilizer, it should be applied reasonably according to the needs of specific crops and soil environment, and follow the relevant regulations and safe operation of pesticide use.

    Selling Points

    1. Supply OEM bag and our Brand Bag.
    2. Rich experience in container and BreakBulk Vessel Operation.
    3. High quality with very competitive price
    4. SGS inspection can be accepted

    Supply Ability

    1000 Metric Ton per Month

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    Third party inspection report Magnesium Sulphate Anhydrous China producer

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    Company Certification  Calcium Nitrate Solinc fertilizer

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    1. What kind of rosin do you produce?Are samples available ?
    We usually produce according to your product requirements. Of course, we can carry out sample trial production first, and then carry out mass production,If you need samples, we will provide them to you.

    2. How do you control the quality ?
    Our quality inspection department conducts quality inspection and control in full accordance with product specifications, and after passing the quality inspection of the Commodity Inspection Bureau, we will deliver the goods.

    3. How about your service ?
    We provide 7*12 hours service and one to one business communication, convenient one-station purchasing and excellent after-sale service.

    4. What is the average lead time ?
    The delivery time is related to what quantity and packaging you need.

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